Welcome to Events Horizon’s, Dice Masters League Play!! This League will run for 8 weeks, beginning on Saturday- May 30th and ending on Saturday-July 24th. Each League Fighter will build an 8 character Tournament style team with 20 max dice and 20 max life and battle against other League fighters in a best 2 out of 3 match once each per week. A win counts for 3 points and a loss counts for 1 point. At the end of the eight weeks, the top half of the League will be awarded prizes and the League leader will be awarded the first ever Dice Masters Doom Trophy with their name on it!!

The official rules are-
1. The entry fee into the League is $15. Each League fighter will then choose 12 Dice Masters booster packs from any gravity feed in the store. Each League fighter will open those twelve booster packs and record all twenty-four cards and dice onto a League roster sheet provided by EHG staff. Each League fighter will choose any four action cards and record those on the League roster sheet as well. Each League fighter will then draft an eight character tournament style team from those twenty-four cards only- with a maximum of twenty dice pulled from those twenty-four dice only, as well as two of the four action cards recorded on their rooster sheet.
2. Each League fighter can match against any other League fighter in a best two out of three match once per week. A match won awards three points and a match lost awards one point. Preferably, all League matches should be played at the store, but play outside the store is permitted. Each match must be recorded on the League tracking sheet kept by EHG staff at the store.
3. League weeks run from Friday to Friday… so each Saturday League fighters are allowed to purchase a maximum of two additional Dice Masters booster packs from any Grav Feed in the store and record those cards and dice on their League roster sheet. Those cards and dice can then be pulled from to compete in future League matches. Additionally, each League fighter can add one action card to their league roster, making it available for League matches as well.
4. Make up games are permitted….example- if League fighter-X failed to get a match in against League fighter-Y during week three, Then X can match against Y twice in week four.
Important The League coordinator will be updating and tracking points on a week by week basis. If any League fighter completes a make up game, they must notify the League Coordinator by text with the match results and the week number it was for so that the points can be updated.
5. This site will be used to keep track of all League fighters rosters, League communication, and point standing.

You can contact the league Coordinator, Dan Smith @ 919-720-2736 for any questions or to notify him of League match make up games.

Dice Masters League Play